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Prince George’s Lessons in Kingship Begin with King Charles III’s Coronation

As the line of succession within the British monarchy evolves, all eyes turn to young Prince George, the next in line to ascend the throne of England. Despite his tender age, Prince George has already begun to embrace the weighty responsibilities that come with his future role, as demonstrated by his poised presence at his grandfather’s coronation in 2023.

Body language expert Jess Ponce III observed Prince George’s remarkable demeanor during King Charles III’s coronation, noting how the young prince actively participated in the royal proceedings. While the spotlight was rightfully on his grandfather, Prince George’s involvement did not go unnoticed. Ponce remarked, “He really received a firsthand look into what will likely be a future experience.”

Despite the formality that often characterizes the relationship between Prince George and King Charles III, there are moments of shared understanding and preparation for the future monarchy. Their bond was notably on display as Prince George assisted in carrying King Charles’ robe during the coronation ceremony. Although they may not have shared overtly connected moments, their shared experience spoke volumes.

“While the two didn’t necessarily share a connected moment together, they did connect in a shared experience,” Ponce explained. “Prince George was regal, appropriate, and very royal. At such a young age, he’s definitely showing us how he is being groomed to be a leader one day.”

While Prince George’s relationship with King Charles III may not mirror the closeness seen with other family members, there is a palpable level of respect that underscores their interactions. As Prince George continues to grow and mature, his journey towards kingship unfolds with each carefully observed step. Despite the weight of expectation upon his young shoulders, Prince George’s demeanor suggests a readiness to embrace his future role as a leader of the British monarchy.

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